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The forced slowdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has given many of us a new perspective on wellness and what that means to each of us. A forced break from many of our normal activities and hectic work schedules helped us see a more balanced lifestyle and the drive to create the holistic wellness we didn’t know we were missing.

Healthy Habits

A healthy routine is one that supports not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional health as well. If a year stuck inside has left you feeling sluggish and rundown, getting back into a healthy routine may be just what you need.

Start with small changes and add more as you go, overhauling your whole lifestyle all at once may leave you overwhelmed and burned out.

  • Move everyday: Whether it is walking, dancing, lifting weights or yoga, moving your body every day helps keep you stay physically fit and gives you an emotional boost from the release of endorphins. Exercise helps keep your body from feeling stiff and sore, builds muscle, and keeps your heart in better shape.
  • Stay hydrated: Water is crucial to our health and well-being, so reach for a glass of water when you first wake up and throughout the day to keep you hydrated and energized.
  • Add in some color: If the pandemic has meant ordering in more often then its time for a dinner overhaul. Try adding colors to your plate in the form of fruits and veggies that are packed full of nutrients to make you feel your best.
  • Slow the scroll: Take a social media break, or better yet, replace that scrolling with a family walk, working in the garden, or connecting with friends offline.
  • Take it outside: Fresh air, sunshine and being outside makes us happier. Take your workout outside or catch up with friends on your patio while you soak up a little sun to get your vitamin D.
  • Enlist help: If overhauling your habits seems like too much to tackle on your own, get help. A nutritionist can help you create long-lasting habits, or a personal trainer can give a great workout foundation in just a few sessions.