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Did you know that kitchen fires are 3 times more likely on Thanksgiving Day than on other days, or that turkey fryer accidents have resulted in more than $8 million in property damage since 2002? [1,2] Before you invite family and friends over to break bread and share a drumstick, make sure you’re prepared and ready for a safe Thanksgiving get-together.

Inside cooking tips

The combination of a busy stovetop, lots of people, and distractions can make accidents more likely on the big day. Thanksgiving Day sees about 1,300 fires nationwide. [2] Remembering a few tips can make the difference between a fun holiday and a terrible disaster. At Horizon Family Medical Group, we want your celebration to be safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a few tips that we hope will help you do just that:

  • Avoid loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves near ranges and ovens;
  • Watch children closely so they do not come into contact with cooking food or hot stovetops; and
  • Turn pan handles toward the back of the stove to prevent kids and others from spilling a pan’s scalding contents on themselves.

Safe turkey fryer tips

You’ve probably seen videos of turkey fryer disasters all over YouTube at this point. It’s incredible to see how quickly the situation can turn into a giant fireball. To stay safe, the National Safety Council [3] has the following precautions:

  • Set up the fryer more than 10 feet from the house and keep children away
  • Find flat ground; the oil must be even and steady to ensure safety
  • Use a thawed and dry turkey; any water will cause the oil to bubble furiously and spill over
  • Fryer lid and handle can become very hot and cause burns
  • Have a fire extinguisher ready at all times



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