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Controlling blood sugar levels is paramount in managing your diabetes. Knowing what causes your blood sugar levels to rise or fall helps you make decisions about the kinds of food you eat and the activities in which you engage throughout the day.

Eating too much and sitting around the couch all day, for example, may cause your blood sugar to rise higher than it should. Skipping a meal and exercising all day, for example, may have the opposite effect and cause your blood sugar to plummet. Medications and a myriad of other factors can also have an effect on your blood sugar levels.

To track and manage your blood sugar levels, perform regular testing at intervals throughout the day to ensure your levels aren’t spiking up or down. Use a blood glucose meter to test a drop of your blood. You can perform the testing yourself with just a prick of the finger.

The American Diabetes Association has a great information sheet on how and when to check your blood glucose levels:

Diabetes Blood Glucose

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