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If you’ve lost the crisp, clear vision you enjoyed in your younger days, you may be tempted to think you’ll spend the rest of your days dependent on reading glasses to see things like menus, books, food labels, your phone texts and even the remote.

Well, think again!

Introducing the first FDA-approved prescription eye drop that improves age-related blurry near vision (presbyopia) in adults. It’s called Vuity™.

Presbyopia is a progressive eye condition that is common in people after age 40, which reduces the eye’s ability to focus on near objects.

The Basics

Vuity™ (pilocarpine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution) 1.25% prescription eye drops are a non-surgical treatment option designed to be applied once a day at home in each eye. Easy-peasy!

Vuity works by reducing your pupil size, contracting certain muscles in the eye so you can see up close.

The Benefits

In studies, Vuity improved near vision in patients without compromising their distance vision – without the need for readers!

Is Vuity Is Right for Me?

Simply schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors.

Our clinical team will perform a comprehensive eye exam, and if they feel Vuity is a good fit for you, they will write you a prescription for the drops. It’s just that simple!