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This one’s a myth, folks. Drinking lots of water is good to keep you hydrated and for your overall health, but it probably won’t do much to help that dry winter skin. Fortunately, we know what you can do to stave off dry winter skin.

Here are a few suggestions:

Talk with your healthcare professional

Make an appointment and visit your healthcare professional at Horizon Family Medical Group. The cause of your dry skin could by a more serious health condition, like diabetes or kidney disease; or it may just be that you need to use more lotion. Your healthcare provider can help identify causes and solutions.

Use more moisturizer/lotion

If you’re like me and my family, we go through tons of moisture creams and lotion during the winter months. But which one should you use? Frankly, the marketing folks have done a great job of creating commercials touting why their moisturizer is better than the competition. The truth: Not all moisturizing creams and lotions are created equal. Some are water-based. Others are oil-based. But what kind of oil?

I asked my doctor what moisturizing cream was best for my specific needs, and the needs of my family (some of my kids have eczema). She helped me pick the best stuff and we’ve seen huge improvements.

Try a humidifier

If your heater is like mine, it does a great job of pumping dry, warm air throughout the house. But that warm air dries us out. A humidifier helps put some moisture back into the air. Give one, or many throughout your home, at try and see if you notice a difference.

Key Takeaways

  • Drinking lots of water to prevent dry skin isn’t true. (It might help your overall health, but you might need to do more.)
  • Ask your healthcare professional what lotion to use. You better believe our dermatologists have an opinion on this.
  • Moisturize more often, especially after bathing, and try a humidifier.