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If you’re like many of us, at some point, you’ve wanted to change something about your body. How you think and feel about your body, and how you think you look to others, makes up your unique body image. In some cases, having a negative body image can affect your health. For example, your body image can play a role in depression, anxiety, self-esteem, eating disorders, or obesity.

By focusing on the “good things” you like about your body, you can improve your overall body image and potentially avoid the associated negative health effects. Here are a few ways to focus on the good:

Stop shaming

Be positive about your body. None of us are perfect, but when you make negative body comments about yourself or others, you’re doing harm. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your body, focus on what you like. Build yourself up, and those around you. Together, you create a positive body image environment for everyone.

Eat well

Your body needs the fuel and energy to be at it’s best. Eating healthy, balanced meals will not only help you feel better, but also look better. “When you treat your body right, you feel good about yourself.”

Sleep well

Make sure you get enough sleep each night, and practice good sleep hygiene. Listen to your body and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Get up at a reasonable hour. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, or if you feel you’re sleeping (or feel tired) all the time, make an appointment with your healthcare provider here at Horizon Family Medical Group. Together, you can determine what’s causing your sleep issues and how to solve them.


We get it, not all of us are triathletes. If you are, great. If you aren’t, that’s okay. Just find some time every day to stay active. Go on a walk. Ride your bike. Play a sport. Find the things you like to do and stay active. Exercising is not only good for your heart but for your mind as well.

Caution with media

How you see people in social media, online, or in the movies can also have an effect on your body image. Be careful of material that presents bodies in a way that objectifies the individual.

Where to go for help

Talk with your healthcare provider, especially if you feel your body image is starting to negatively influence your diet or overall health. We’re here to help.