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Springtime is a great time to improve your health. As the sun returns and the weather warms, you can take advantage of the season and love the healthier you.

Here are just a few reasons why you should love the spring season

More Vitamin D

Longer days not only chase away the winter blues, but also provide more opportunity to soak up the sun…and the Vitamin D your body produces as a result.

More exercise

It’s easier to get outside and stay active. Plus, with the longer days, you have more time to spend outdoors. Take a walk. Enjoy a bike ride. Work in the garden. The extra activity is good for you.

More socialization

Neighborhood BBQs. Talking with friends and neighbors working in the yard. For many of us, the spring weather is the chance to finally get out of the house (and hibernation) and spend some time together.

More fresh air

It’s a perfect time to open those windows and get some serious spring cleaning accomplished. A fresh and clean home not only improves your mental health, but also keeps you active and engaged—both mentally and physically.

More fresh food

It’s produce season. Check out your local farmers’ market. Get some fresh veggies and fruits. Planning meals around healthy, local, seasonal foods improves your diet and overall health.


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