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Prescription drug costs continue to rise in the U.S., making them unaffordable for some patients. According to National Public Radio (NPR), “brand-name oral prescription drugs rose more than 9 percent a year from 2008 and 2016, while the annual cost of injectable drugs rose more than 15 percent.” [1] In 2012, for example, we spent $263 billion for retail prescription drugs. [2] Today, we spend more than $330 billion….” [3]

As drug prices rise, we at Horizon Family Medical Group thought we’d share a handful of valuable resources that might help you find and plan for your prescription costs. Take a look at the list below:


“This is a copay assistance program for patients that have health insurance. The patient’s insurance must cover the qualifying medication that they are seeking assistance for. Patient with Medicare Part D will be considered on a case by case basis. Patients must be at or below 400-500% of the federal poverty level, must have a medically appropriate diagnosis/condition and must reside and receive treatment in the U.S.”


FPL Calculator

A quick and easy calculator you can use to calculate your federal poverty level. Enter your income, family size, and calculate.


Rx Outreach

Rx Outreach is a nonprofit, licensed, mail-order pharmacy that offers hundreds of medications that “cover most chronic diseases.” You must determine your eligibility and apply. If accepted, Rx Outreach can mail your prescriptions to your home.


Healthfinder.gov: Prescription Assistance Information

Healthfinder compiled a list of dozens of prescription assistance programs and resources. This is a great place to start finding information.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)

“Other companies may offer to connect consumers to these same assistance programs for a fee — some of which may use our name without our permission. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance will help you find the program that’s right for you, free of charge. We will never ask for payment information.”

Here you can enter the name of prescription drugs and find programs from which you might benefit. You can also find “free and low-cost clinics” near your home.



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