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Did you know that May is mental health awareness month? Nearly 20% of Americans experience mental illness each year. [1] That’s more than 43 million people.

If you’re not one of those who struggles with mental illness, chances are, you know and love someone who does. Unfortunately, mental illness sometimes still comes with stigma; that those experiencing the disease are somehow unable to control their feelings. “What do you have to be depressed about?” or “Why can’t you just snap out of it?” are things people sometimes say or hear. But mental health, such as depression, doesn’t work like that. You wouldn’t ask someone with diabetes to “snap out of it.”

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has some great resources and information on mental illness, including this infographic:

Mental Health Facts

If you or a loved one experiencing depression, anxiety, or a variety of other mental health conditions, make an appointment and chat with your doctor here at Horizon Family Medical Group. A conversation with your regular doctor can be just what you need to get you on the path to mental health wellness.

This month especially, let’s talk with our friends and family about mental illness. Below are some wonderful videos that can help you start the conversation. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use hashtags #StigmaFree, #NoStigma, or #mentalhealthmonth. We can work together to get help.


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