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You know you need to quit. You know the health benefits. You’ve heard that almost half a million people die each year in the US because of smoking. [1] But quitting isn’t easy. You need a plan.


Smokefree.gov has a great website where you can get help putting together your Quit Plan:


It’s a great tool for getting things started. And the first thing you must decide is an actual date on the calendar when you’re going to quit. “This is a key step….Circle the date on your calendar. Make a strong, personal commitment to quit on that day.” [2]

You may also decide you want a little help from your mobile device. Did you know you can sign up for text reminders to help you quit?

Here’s a list of some great text programs:


There are also some great apps that can help. Take a look at these two apps to help you quit:



This app is free and helps you find your craving patterns. Take a look.

app-store android-store




This app is also free. It was designed for teens who want to quit, but adults use it as well.

app-store android-store




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